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12 Jun '18

Time to retire!

Posted by Julie Levi

Dear wonderful customers,

This is a bittersweet, but happy announcement for me.

After 20 years, I'll be retiring and phasing out the fibroNorth business. I won't be restocking items as they sell out.

So much has changed since I began fibroNorth. Way back then, there was limited Internet, few resources for Canadians to find information they needed about fibromyalgia, few doctors who believed us or could diagnose fibromyalgia, and very few supports.

Today, we have easy access to wonderful products, resources, early and usually relatively quick diagnosis, support from a big fibro community and for those of us who use the guai protocol, life has changed dramatically for the better.

It's been an honour to "meet" each of you over the years, share our fibro and life experiences,  and I will definitely miss you.

I'll keep the Web site open through the summer and keep my julie@fibronorth.com e-mail through the year. I hope to hear from you.

As always, I wish each of you all the best,


Julie Levi

fibroNorth owner


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Wishing you a very happy retirement!

Posted by Audrey on August 20, 2018

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